I worked for Harvey Mudd College from 2003 to 2010. One of the things I enjoyed most was working with the students. The images below were taken after the Annual Computer Science Colloquium. The department asked me to drop by and take portraits of the students, staff, and faculty. This particular year, the students seemed to really enjoy the idea of being photographed and we were able to capture some really great portraits. The images below are just a taste of what we were able to accomplish.


SK9W0012 copySK9W0003 copy SK9W0007 copy SK9W0008 copy SK9W0009 copy SK9W0011 copy SK9W0013 copy SK9W0014 copy SK9W0019 copy SK9W0027 copy SK9W0028 copy SK9W0039 copy SK9W0040 copy SK9W0041 SK9W0042 copy SK9W0058 copy SK9W0063

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