These are from a quick trip we took to the Mojave National Preserve. This was our first time driving out to the Mojave and we didn’t know what to expect. We kept reading that you had to be prepared for the unexpected and fortunately we were. We planned on staying there for two and a half days, but on our second day, a sandstorm and rain rolled in on us. We felt it best to cut the trip short.

I used my Canon 5D and Mamiya 645AFD. I must admit that I mistakingly used a profile on my Canon that didn’t really work for me. I forgot to change it to the profile I normally use before the trip. Because of it, the images were more saturated than I would have liked. I was able to shoot a few rolls of film with my Mamiya as well. I always enjoy using it. I wish I had brought my RB67, but because we were camping, I figured it might be a bit much. I was able to shoot a few rolls of Ilford Delta and Fuji Provia.

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